Proven keto diet, and her menu for the week

The vast majority of people have dreamed, I dream and dream about losing weight. But why to achieve success in this area is not many?

keto diet

Little useful information on this subject, the difficulty in limiting intake, lack of motivation, financial difficulties, health problems, etc. – the main causes (most of which are the usual excuses to do nothing) the lack of a positive result.

There are a large number of diets. Some more effective, others less, but they are all based on the principle of weight loss: create a caloric deficit. You need to spend more energy than to.

At what expense to create such a deficit? First, it is exercise, and second, a reduction in the number of calories consumed, respectively, and of food in your diet will be significantly less. Less consumption, more consumption – the result is not far off.

One of the most effective is the keto diet, which is promoted in the 60-ies of Vince Gironde. What is its peculiarity? Full exception of carbohydrates, use diet large amounts of fat and protein, specific system reshaping your body.

keto diet for weight loss

Than keto diet different from other diets, and especially diet

Since the main fuel to power the brain and body as a whole is carbohydrates, in the "keto" you make your body switch to alternative energy source - fat, and the process of such splitting and utilization of fat is called ketosis.

Due to this rotation is the depletion of its own reserves of carbohydrates of glycogen in the muscles and liver and the body burns fat automatically.

There is a deeper explanation of this diet, with a clearer description of the working principles and mechanism, but no sense to talk about it in detail there. Why?

Yes, because it's important to understand the essence of this system: due to the almost complete abandonment of carbohydrates, consumption of large amounts of fat for proper brain functioning, create a caloric deficit in the diet, it is safe to lose weight and burn fat.

keto diet foods

Is to completely remove the carbs? You can leave only 30-50 grams of fiber for proper bowel function. To burning fat they will not be affected, but will improve digestion.

Fiber is unsweetened green vegetables (cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, etc.).

How is the adaptation to such a diet

Phase 1. For the first 8-10 hours of diet your carbohydrate reserves of the body are depleted.

Phase 2. On the second day after the last intake of carbohydrates, is the body adapts to the new energy source.

Phase 3. In 5-6 days the body is already using fat as an energy source. But apart from this source of energy becomes more and proteins.

Phase 4. Your body fully used to the breakdown of fat. Protein is not used as energy. The brain eats 3/4 of the way ketosis.

The important point is carbohydrate loading. What is its meaning? After, say, two weeks of the ketogenic diet, your body uses an alternative energy source is fat.

But to accelerate the metabolism to generate the adaptive properties of the organism, still required a certain amount of carbohydrates. How much? 10 grams of carbohydrates for every kilogram of body weight will suffice.

When? Using two or more weeks of the keto diet. Loading should be no more than 12-18 hours. In this period you eat simple and complex carbohydrates, fiber, and then make your body go into ketosis mode.

The composition of the ketogenic diet

What is the composition of the diet? One third of daily caloric needs to make protein, the rest fat. As you know, 1 gram of fat equals 9 kcal and 1 gram of protein - 4 kcal.

For example, you need in a day for weight loss 2200 calories. Therefore, given the proportion consumed 200 grams of fat and 100 grams of protein. The sum would be equal to 2200 kcal/day. Elementary arithmetic will help bring your body to a good result.

Permitted and prohibited products

keto diet allowed foods

What foods should be consumed? Any, as long as they did not have carbohydrates. Preference should be given to foods of animal origin.

It also makes sense to add unsaturated fats (Flaxseed, olive, peanut oil), fish oil, and as mentioned above, a bit of fiber.

Keto diet menu for a week

It presents products that have a positive impact on the body and help to reduce weight.

Breakfast (8.00 - 10.30)

Protein shake (consisting of cheese, berries, milk) one Cup.

The protein of three eggs boiled.

Bread with cheese (low fat, no more than 250 Kcal).

Lunch (12.00 – 14.30)

Brown rice on the water.

One slice of cheese.

Boiled skinless chicken -150 gr.

Afternoon snack (16.00)

Glass of cocktail (Mix it in a blender – milk, cheese, banana)

Walnuts - a handful.

Dinner (17.00 – 18.30)

150 g fish steamed or grilled.

Brown rice, cooked with water, one serving.

Salad (1/2 cucumber, red onion, ½ tomato).


The damage to the body from keto diet

  1. The smell of acetone. With an excess of cleavage products (ketones) of an unpleasant smell. What to do? You will help a simple water. 3 liters a day is a great way of getting rid of the problem.
  2. Reduced capacity to work. This phenomenon is observed in the beginning of the diet and this condition lasts for about a week. After the brain restores its work.
  3. Beriberi. By reducing product selection is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. This problem will help to cope with the additional intake of vitamin complexes.
  4. When keto diet in any case can not drink alcohol. The consequences can be dire.
  5. Constipation. Well, the solution to this problem will be all the same fiber, which normalizes the bowels.

Before trying this diet, make sure you are really ready, because it requires great endurance, willpower, patience. Having started and not finished, you can harm your health. The main thing – to take responsibility for the task of losing weight, but the result is not far off.