How to lose 7 kg in a week?

Losing weight in a week is real, but it takes effort. You should not only stick to a diet, but also exercise and give up bad habits. To maintain the result, you should gradually leave the diet and continue to eat healthy food.

Lose 7 kg per week

how to lose weight fast by 7 kg

To lose 7 kg per week, you need to properly combine diet and exercise. However, it should be remembered that a comprehensive diet has a negative effect on metabolism.

Large restrictions can cause a number of gastrointestinal problems. During the diet it is recommended to take vitamin complexes, which will help to fill the nutritional deficit in the body. Physical activity should be properly distributed and take breaks periodically.

It is recommended to consult a specialist before starting a diet, as there may be certain contraindications.

Basic dietary rules for fast weight loss

There are a number of basic dietary guidelines to help you lose weight.

Basic recommendations:

  1. Drink only plain water or green tea. Drinks that contain caffeine, sugar and other additives should be completely excluded. A glass of plain water with a strong appetite will help you dull it and avoid disintegration.
  2. You need to give up simple carbs and replace them with complex ones. Simple carbohydrates are absorbed quite quickly and have minimal nutritional value. These include sweets, cookies, plain pasta and white rice. Complex carbohydrates contain fiber. It contains a large amount of nutrients that are well absorbed by the body.
  3. Lean proteins should be present in the diet. These are skinless chicken breasts, salmon and lean beef.
  4. You need to completely give up fast food and other junk food. These are empty carbohydrates and are high in trans fats, sugar and salt.

The key to effective weight loss is the right combination of exercise and diet. You must completely stop drinking alcohol and smoking.

How to properly lose 7 kg per week

general principles of rapid weight loss

To lose 7 kg per week, you should choose a rational and not too hungry diet. The first step is to reduce the amount of fat you eat. These are butter, sausages, mayonnaise and hard cheese.

To get a good result, you should eat porridge no more than 3 times a week. The glycemic index must be taken into account. Foods with a high glycemic index slow down metabolic processes, thus increasing the number of fat cells.

Pay attention to product compatibility. To achieve good results, you need to correctly calculate the amount of fat and carbohydrates in the dish.

Replace sweets with fruit. Apples, blueberries, gooseberries and plums will be useful.

If you follow a diet, there is a high risk of releasing nutrients and trace elements from the body. Feelings of intense hunger often lead to breakdowns and even more weight gain.

Fast effective diets

There are many fast and effective diets that can help you lose weight in just a week. Some of the most effective are:

  1. Love.Adopts a cycle of daily monodiet: drinking, vegetable, fruit, protein and balanced.
  2. Bonn soup.Such a food system consists in the use of plant foods. The base is Bonn soup, which consists of tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, onions and celery.
  3. Buckwheat and kefir.In this case, the buckwheat should not be boiled, steamed.
  4. Kefir.Allows not only to lose weight, but also to improve the functioning of the sebaceous glands, circulatory and digestive systems.
When choosing a diet, you should pay attention to its complexity and the availability of the products it offers. Before starting a diet course, you should consult a nutritionist. Otherwise, unpleasant side effects are possible.

Nutrition Tips

In order for weight loss to be effective and correct, you need to study the basic advice of nutritionists. They recommend paying special attention to the psychological preparation for the new food system. You need to adjust to change your usual lifestyle by giving up bad habits and passive rest.

Experts believe that by losing weight a person will get rid of many complexes, atherosclerosis, hypertension and other possible diseases provoked by obesity.

Basic dietary recommendations:

  1. You should drink enough water a day, you should not be dehydrated.
  2. Drink a glass of warm water with lemon immediately after waking up.
  3. Feeding should be partial. The optimal number of meals is 5-6 times.
  4. Don't miss your morning meal.
  5. The last meal should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime.
  6. Avoid fried foods altogether.
  7. It is recommended to use extra virgin olive oil for salad dressing.

You must first compile a menu for the week and a training plan.

Sample weekly diet menu

diet for a week to lose weight of 7 kg

The most common version of a weekly diet for fast weight loss is kefir. You should drink up to five hundred milliliters of kefir with one percent fat per day. Strong coffee, salt and sugar should be avoided. Water and herbal tea can be drunk without restriction.

Menu of the main version of the kefir diet:

  1. Monday- Kefir and 4 ounces of baked potatoes, no added salt.
  2. Tuesday- kefir and four hundred grams of cottage cheese with a minimum percentage of fat.
  3. Wednesday- kefir and four hundred grams of fruit. All types of fruit are allowed except bananas and grapes.
  4. Thursday- kefir and four hundred grams of boiled chicken breast.
  5. Friday- kefir and four hundred grams of fruit.
  6. Saturdayis ​​a day of fasting. You should drink one and a half liters of still water.
  7. Sunday- kefir and four hundred grams of fruit.

This diet is quite difficult, but it works well. With a sharp deterioration in health you should give up the kefir feeding system.

Contraindications for rapid weight loss

There are categories of people who are strongly contraindicated in rapid weight loss.

These include:

  1. Children and adolescents.Their body needs high quality and balanced nutrition. In its absence, problems with normal growth and development of the body are possible.
  2. Pregnant women.During the birth of the baby, all the necessary vitamins and nutrients must be delivered to the woman's body. They help the body cope with stress and additional stress, which increases with the development of the fetus.
  3. Women during breastfeeding.Strict diets can lead to a lack of nutrients in breast milk and this has a negative impact on the health of the baby.
  4. methods for fast weight loss with 7 kg
  5. Women during menopause.During menopause, there is a surge in hormones, so a woman can significantly recover.
  6. Older people.They need to pay special attention to their health. Lack of certain nutrients and vitamins can provoke the development of dangerous diseases.

The weight loss diet should be abandoned if you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary system and chronic diseases. The direct contraindications are diabetes and oncology.

Weekly weight loss diets allow you to lose up to 7 kg of excess weight. They offer a very strict restriction on the diet. To maintain the result, you should gradually leave the diet, adhering to the principles of healthy eating.