Drinking diets: sometimes you don't need to eat, but drink to lose weight!

As the name suggests, any drinking diet - be it a method of losing weight with kefir, broths, green tea, juices or even plain water - is based on the use of liquid. Is there food while drinking, or should everything that enters the body be exclusively in liquid form? And how long can you maintain a drinking diet? And most importantly, what are the results of this weight loss system?

One of the most popular drinking diets these days is the weight loss practice with vegetable smoothies (which often include leaf salads and fruits).
girl drinking a green cocktail

Drinking diet in all its diversity

Obviously, the drinking diet is not a special and specific diet, but only a nutritional principle that determines the form of eating, leaving you a choice of foods. In other words, you need to absorb everything only in liquid form, but by this "Everything" is understood only as healthy, natural and low-calorie foods.

You can often meet fans of the juice diet - of course, they also practice drinking food. Like kefir diets, green tea diets, lovers of weight loss drinks with ginger and even the hardest of them are water diets.

If you are a sensible person, then you probably understand that the drinking diet cannot be based on milkshakes from a famous restaurant, alcoholic beverages, sweet carbonated drinks, cocoa, coffee, industrial yogurts and other similar products. Strictly speaking, the drinking regime will be fully observed, but here we can not talk about weight loss.

What you can drink as part of your diet

  • Water.On a drinking water diet, you should drink 2 liters of clean, non-carbonated water daily. But this technique is very strict and complex, few people can withstand it. As it concerns fasting, it is permissible to sit on it for more than 3 days. The best option for a water-based drinking diet is on an empty stomach 1-3 days a month, when you drink only water. In addition, you should prepare for such a strict drinking diet by reducing the amount of food consumed daily for a week before starting to return to your usual diet just as slowly.
  • Broth.This can be chicken, fish or beef, as well as vegetables. You have to prepare it yourself and from natural products, semi-finished products are not suitable). It is allowed to add salt during cooking, you can also add carrots, celery, vegetables - parsley. It is not recommended to add pepper, it whets the appetite, just like onions.
  • Dairy productsin liquid form can also form the basis of a drinking diet. If it is kefir, it must be low in fat, as well as fermented baked milk, bifidok or yogurt for drinking without fillers. You can also take milk as a base with a fat content of no more than 1, 5 percent. But it is believed that milk is not well absorbed by the body of adults, so it is recommended to choose fermented dairy products.
  • Freshly squeezed juice.Orange, grapefruit and apple juices are suitable. Better to choose unsweetened fruit. Grapefruit is usually considered a first-class weight loss product. But you should be careful and check if you have allergies before embarking on a juice diet. And most importantly, when choosing a drinking diet of juices, remember: freshly squeezed juices should not be consumed in their natural form - they should be diluted with still water in a ratio of 1: 1.
  • Tea.Choose green, black, red or fruit teas, but always leafy and of good quality. Drink it not sweet, you can add skim milk or lemon.
  • Fruit drink or compote.These drinks are also suitable for a drinking diet. They do not cook jam from fruits and berries. You can also make oatmeal jelly, it is the most satisfying.
  • Vegetable smoothies.In addition to fruit juices, vegetable juices or smoothies are ideal for a drinking diet. They are not always pleasant to the taste, but if you show patience and experiment a little, then you can choose an acceptable option for yourself.
  • Protein shakes.This is probably the most effective and fast drinking diet. As you know, protein diets are among the most effective. However, in order to consume protein shakes without compromising your health, you must be sure that you do not have chronic diseases. And besides, when you consume a large amount of protein, it is necessary to strictly monitor the water regime - drink very still water (otherwise the protein will simply not be absorbed).

It is highly desirable to establish a schedule for the use of "food" - for example, every 2 hours, 1-1, 5 cups. Or every three hours - a little more. And during the holidays do not forget to drink enough clean water.

How long does the drinking diet last?

The longest known drinking diet lasts about 30 days. Its menu cannot be called sparse and ascetic, but all products and "dishes" are used exclusively in liquid form. In the morning - freshly squeezed fruit juices and green tea (naturally without sugar, syrups and jams), closer to lunch - light broths (always second or even third) and vegetable smoothies, in the evening - kefir and protein shakes, and throughout the day in the morningby evening - also water in quite impressive volumes.

You think that the drinking diet, even if it lasts only 4-5 days, perfectly unloads the intestines, removing toxins and so-called "food waste" and stimulates the body to use the already accumulated fat at the expense of current energy costs (soas the liquid diet contains relatively few calories when observed properly).

However, such a long period - 20-30 days or more - is rather an extreme version of the drinking diet. Although no nutritionist, almost certainly, will not advise anyone to adhere to such a diet (at least outside the constant stationary monitoring) for more than 12-14 days.

The most popular "distance" for any drinking diet is 7-10 days.

If you choose low-calorie foods for your drinking diet, drink a small amount of liquid at once (believe me: if you drink potato dumpling broth for several days in a row, the desired weight loss is unlikely to come, although no one can officially blame you forthe fact that your diet has not been drunk all this time), you are very much in the fresh air and maybe even do sports in a reasonable range, then for 7 days of drinking the diet you can expect to lose 5-7kg of extra pounds.

The most common mistake of those who start practicing this or that drinking diet is to neglect the water regime. As you know, in any diet the result of weight loss by one third depends on whether you drink enough water a day (after all, all metabolic processes in our body occur only in the presence of water). Drinking diets is no exception! even if during a meal you do not eat but drink, this in no way cancels 1, 5 - 2 liters of still water a day.
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Drinking daily diet

Let's remind the simplest variant of drinking on a diet - a day of water. The conclusion is simple: you are only allowed to drink clean, still water throughout the day. Such days are considered hungry days and can be spent once a week or 2-3 times a month. In it for some time you can drink only water, in unlimited quantities, but not less than 2 liters per day, or spend the day in freshly squeezed juice of orange, grapefruit or apple mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 1, asat the same time you maintain the water regime - 1, 5l inches. Drinking days like these days in the water give your body a break from the stress associated with constantly digesting food. Our digestive system needs to be cleansed, it's just that this process starts during such hungry days.

You need to prepare in advance. Switch to a healthy diet the previous week. If you like mayonnaise, sauces, sausages and greasy, fried and sweet, exclude this food from the diet for a week. A few days before the start of the "drinking day" diet, eat only cereals, fruits and vegetables. Drink sugar-free drinks throughout the week and switch to green tea one day before starting your diet. Also drink up to 2 liters of water a day.

You should leave the diet smoothly, gradually adding low-fat foods - first vegetables, fruits, cereals, then low-fat protein foods, after a few weeks you can gradually return to your usual diet. But, again, lean on flour products, pastries, fats is not worth it right away.

After the "drinking day" diet, your stomach will shrink and you will start to eat less and gain weight quickly. That is why such days on an empty stomach allow you to reduce your appetite and gradually switch to a healthy diet. This day you will gain 1-2 kilograms of overweight.

7-day drinking diet

For a weekly drinking diet you can lose up to 7 pounds. As a base you can take vegetable juices, fruits, low-fat dairy products, broths. In addition to liquid food, it is mandatory to monitor the water - the amount of water drunk per day should be at least 1. 5 liters. You can also drink unsweetened green (leaf) tea in unlimited quantities. In order not to get bored of any product, the days of the diet can be alternated. For example:

  • 1 day - with milk or kefir;
  • Day 2 - in broth;
  • Day 3 - on juices;
  • day 4 - tea day;
  • Day 5 - protein or yogurt;
  • Day 6 - on compote (dried apricots, prunes, raisins, cook without sugar);
  • The last day is juicy.

Stop drinking diet

The outcome of the weekly drinking diet should be smooth. The next day, after you finish drinking, start your breakfast with a small portion of oatmeal in water. Lunch and dinner remain for drinking. Follow this regimen for 2-3 days. Then move on to novelty - for breakfast, eat a dish you like: egg, yogurt, cheese, but you do not need to rely on flour. For lunch, cook porridge and eat an apple or banana. Drinking dinner. And in the second week, start eating three times a day with the addition of low-fat protein foods and vegetables. In the third week, increase the amount of carbohydrates in the diet. Gradually introduce salt and rye bread, pasta, cereals, potatoes into the diet.

However, aim for your daily menu to be 3/4 of natural, healthy, low-fat and healthy foods and dishes. Only in this way will a decent result from past drinking be preserved. If you think that drinking a diet will help you, in a series of periods of gluttony and unhealthy eating, maintain a slim figure - inevitable disappointments await you. . .